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Archery is an important match for Nadam. Bow and arrow, the Mongolian called "Nuomu hematoxylin", the former for the bow, after the arrow. Mongols since ancient times advocating bow and arrow, like riding and riding, it is seen as a symbol of men and signs, as they carry weapons and mascots. Mongolian bow and arrow is the ancient "Huns" bow and arrow. Bow length of about 100 to 150 cm. The bow is made of elastic wood, with birch, plum and bamboo. In order to strengthen its hardness, but also in the bow sheath, etc. added animal bones. The string is usually made of processed leather or beef tendons. There are two kinds of arrows, one is the arrows, one is no arrows. Arrows are usually made of wicker, about 80 to 100 cm.
Archery games are mainly long-range competition and shooting target two kinds of competition, which is the common target shooting ***. Shooting far games have been popular in ancient times, but modern rare. Archery arrows for the archery are made of leather (sheepskin, skins) or felt, mostly square or round. Before the game to play two or more stakes on the ground, the entire sheepskin or felt from both sides tied to the two sides of the stakes, in its central to be a mark. There is also a "leather target", commonly known as "Su-day card", is to use a number of leather (volume) into a spherical target. The distance from the shooting target is generally 70 or 45 meters. Participate in archery competition regardless of age, young and old can, and the number is not limited. The winner can also get such as surprising Mo root, wisdom Mo root and other honorary titles, and the prizes are also very rich.
Ancient archery
Archery has a long history in China, can be described as the originator of ancient Chinese sports projects, according to archaeological discoveries, it has been in the twenty thousand eight thousand years ago already appeared. Archaeologists in Shanxi Zhiyu people cultural sites, has found a twenty thousand eight thousand years ago, the stone arrows, which shows that humans have begun to use the bows and arrows, and this is the stone grinding arrows, tied Woodets are used as archery appliances. In the book "Ancient Society", Morgan used the invention of bows and arrows as an important sign of the transition from intermediate ignorance to advanced ignorance. He said: "With the bow and arrow, prey has become a daily food, and hunting has become one of the ordinary labor sector." The use of the bow and arrow for the progress of the ancient Church played a great role in promoting. As the bow and arrow has a strong ability to kill, increasing the power of mankind to conquer nature.
According to "Taipingyu" three hundred and forty-seven records, the Xia Dynasty has a professor of archery full-time faculty, as well as the shooting organization - "order." Summer University called "order". "Mencius" cloud: "order, shot also". Shang dynasty followed the summer of the study system and development, there are people engaged in learning management work. "Book of Rites King system," said: "Aged are all itchy, Yuan day, learning shot power." It is one of the main contents of education.
In the bow and arrow production, the Spring and Autumn Period has a complete set of methods and experience. For the selection of bow and arrow, production procedures and specifications are strict rules, and a special bow to the production. The type of bow and arrow and the Western Zhou did not make much difference, but the manufacture of more sophisticated. Arrowheads belong to the same type of axle and triangular system, and the form is a variety of, really the so-called change from the case.
Spring and Autumn period also invented the crossbow, it is a step ahead of the bow. One is the training time is short, the second is the smaller target hit rate than the bow high. To the Warring States period crossbow has increased to four. In the "Wu Yue Chunqiu", the details of the crossbow on the law, then the depth of the study of the crossbow to reflect its important position.
To the Han Dynasty, with the development of iron equipment, bronze arrowheads gradually to the development of iron arrowheads. Archery in addition to the practice has been a great development in the theory has also been further summarized, only the "Han Yi Wen Zhi" recorded the law, including "Lee will be shot", "Wei Shi shot" And so there are eight as many as sixty-nine. In the Wei, Jin and Southern and Northern Dynasties, archery appeared in a professional game, in the "Weizong room Changshan Wang Zunzhuan" inside, once recorded such a thing: the Northern Wei Emperor Xiaowu in Luoyang, Hualin Park held an archery game, he Put a capacity of two liters of glass, hanging in the hundred paces, so that 19 athletes to bid, *** who shot the glass after the shot, who put the glass for their own, which at the time called "Trophy", in the history of Chinese sports, this is a *** early trophy.
From the beginning of the Wei and Jin Dynasties to the Sui and Tang dynasties, archery activities have been greatly developed. Tang Dynasty Wu Zetian set up a military system, in the military system provides for the nine selection and assessment of personnel standards, five of which are archery, including long stamp, horse shot, walking, flat shot and shot and so on. From the Tang Dynasty to the Song Dynasty, the entire archery is more popular in the folk, according to the literature, at the time of the Hebei area, civil organizations, "bows and arrows" there are more than 600, to participate in more than thirty thousand people, it can be said It is organization of early professional athlete of Chinese history.
During the Qing Dynasty, as the Manchu people into the Central Plains, the activities of ethnic minorities archery also brought into the Central Plains, archery has been more widely carried out. Kangxi 61 years (1722), once the "Mulan Qiu" as a constant system, the Chengde as an important place to study, to improve the development of the entire archery. At that time, due to the relatively popular archery activities, coupled with the late Qing Dynasty Western firearms in China to further popularization, archery gradually withdraw from the military field, evolved into a pure archery game.
"Jin Shi Li Zhi": "Jin Yinliao vulgar, heavy five days to Liu to about several inches, cut its skin and white. First to a person Chi Ma front, after the horse to no feathers scattered arrows shot. Both to break the willow, but also to hand and then relax to those who can not be connected to those who will be followed by each shot will be drums to help its gas. "To the Ming Dynasty, the birds are stored in the gourd in the shot.
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